Local Produce Workshops

I offer a range of workshops, displays and special events and love collaboration. I also help coordinate the GULP events (www.gulpnt.com)



“Herbs for Health and goodness from the garden”

“Grow and make your own curry paste”

“Market Tour and Taste”- Rapid Creek Markets

“An introduction to Top End cooking from the garden”

“Wet season wonders’- loving and learning to cook wet season produce

“Cooking with Tropical Roots”

“Tasting platters” from the community


“Emma is inspires a stronger connection to the natural world. As an environmental educator, community engager, artist and environmental scientist she uses her skills to communicate the importance of all living beings and our intrinsic interconnectedness to them. Her focus is based on the love of the Northern Territory and its incredible landscapes as well as the quirky nature of its inhabitants.”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah Pozzi says:

    Hi Pumpkin Head
    I have finally got to check out all your fab work, pics and fun on this site -you make it irresistable !!!
    i have just written you a letter coming via snail mail
    I am missing gardening and chats with you all , but i’m heading out into mine …. heaps and heaps and heaps of love to yous all Sarah P

  2. Luke says:

    Just found your website when I was researching local bush tucker plants in Darwin I could use at a resort I work at here. Love your site, keep up the good work. Would love to meet up for a chat someday. Do you visit any community gardens on weekends?

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