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Taste of the Top End was  started  a few years ago as a go-to place to find out more about using of local Tropical food from Darwin and surrounds. Local edible and useful plants were central in my life. I worked in a school kitchen garden program and ran workshops, talks and more for much of my time and I thought I would share a lot of what I know on a website and combine it with my love of photography.

I still run pop up workshops and offer local food inspiration, market tours and share stories, but have put a lot of these resources towards our community workshop (GULP – Growing and Using Local Produce http://www.gulpnt.com), where we hope to share the community’s local food knowledge with others.

I have since also developed and love and affinity of our native landscapes and our unique territory lifestyle and hope we can work together to conserve this amazing place we enjoy to live and tell these stories in many ways, including through art, words and photos.

I now hope to share some of my musings, art and photographs of these broader but intertwined interests on here.


Food is central to every culture all around the world, to community, to interactions, to mark special events, to well being and to life itself.

Local, well grown food is central to embracing true sustainable living.

Feb harvest web

I started this site to show case and share seasonal local produce of Darwin and its surrounds and to help those who want to know more about local food. As you know not much of our food is local, with our remote location around 97% of all fresh ingredients and 100% of all dry and other ingredients come from further than 3000kms away.

I hope that you are inspired to make beautiful dishes and delights and even “grow your own” produce right in your back garden, in containers if you don’t have a garden or in community gardens and schools in the Top End

This will tell the story of what we do on our small suburban block in Alawa [see tab 99] and share other stories of people to trying to eat locally and live sustainably for a better community in Darwin, which covers other aspects of lifestyle too.

Community gardens sites, community events, permaculture people and other great links will be listed or mentioned here. I hope it is a great place to get ideas and get involved with like-minded people and goings on here in The Top End. I hope that it brings people together for a better future that is measured in good community, happiness and care for the planet and its biodiversity.


The best things in life are measured in more than money and this is our future….. and in the near words of Margaret Mead, never under estimate that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world.

So get inspired, growing and enjoying the true taste of the tropics and get connected with the great place we live in…..



The North of Australia is very unique, one of the ways beyond climate, is that we are lucky enough to have a huge swathe of native vegetation uncleared.

More info to come …..

Emma Lupin

Local food enthusiast, permaculture style gardener, environmental educator  and optimist for a more sustainable place to live, here in Darwin, Northern Territory and for a better future for this beautiful planet.

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The Secret of Happiness is not seeking more, but developing the capacity to enjoy less (Socrates)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nadine says:

    love this emz! food revolution….it’s happening everywhere! so cool that you guys are doing this…inspiring 🙂
    nadine xoxo

  2. Lily Chan says:

    Well done! Great site. Have you connected with The Mulch Pit at NUC, Cummins St? Besides the Frilly’s Cafe on Saturday mornings, there is a plan to develop a Community Kitchen – support ideas very similar to yours. Great Minds joining forces??? Cheers, Lily C

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