Food In the time of COVID

A project to collect community stories and distill into photographic reflections…

Stories wanted ! COVID 19 has been a time of reflection for many and some interesting reactions occurred around food and I would. love to hear your stories. –

We eat we are is a travelling exhibition all about food. It is curated by Sarah Pirrie through Artback NT. Sadly due to COVID 19 it did not open as planned in Darwin and is postponed until 2021. 

My photography series It’s in our hands was on display, a reflection of the complexity of choice, the migration of food from endemic to processed and complex. 

The recent pandemic seemed to jolt some interesting reassessments on food, from clearing the pasta out in supermarkets to people panic food gardening. 

Do you have any stories or reflections?
Did you witness sad revelations of humanity amongst the baked bean section of Woolworths ?
Did you buy 20 kgs of rice and will have enough till 2025. 
Did you start a garden, go bin diving? Get baking, try pickling, trade food items? 
I would love to know so that I can get inspiration for new work: food in the time of COVID

Please email me at or ring 0447273577 with leads on lovely reflections and stories


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