Foraging for ink

I have been foraging, for plants to make inks and prints, and of course edibles too. I love the journey this takes me on, the presence when I am doing this and how I observe my surrounds in a different way.


The photos above are taken by the lovely Helen Orr, while we out shooting some profile pics, and of course I couldn’t help myself when I saw the amazing Clitoria ternata in the bushes. Since then I have been out and about collecting and spotted them all around.

Photos below taken by me.

Sadly this wild wonderful weed is coming to end of flowering. This is butterfly pea, Darwin pea or clitoria ternata. I find it in laneways and the edge of paths in reserves. It makes an amazing blue colour, and makes a great tea or used as an edible flower in salads. It has been said to enhance memory and be anti depressant. Always worth a try! I have been making ink with it for my art works that include body and plant printing.clitoria1

These below plant prints I made 2.5 years ago and are some of my cataloguing of how colour fast some plant dyes are. I do love however, that life itself is ephemeral and so often is art. The art is in the process itself.




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