Seasonal Side for a Tropical Christmas

So are you enjoying a sweaty or stormy Christmas in Darwin this year? I hope so..

I love Christmas here, it’s quite and you get to hang out with friends in the yard, in the bush, or the pool with friends, family, cocktails, beer or all of the above.

One thing that should be definitely on the menu is the sharing of some delicious dishes-  healthy and locally grown. I love that celebrations bring people together and whatever your religion, culture or origins this festive season should be celebrating friends, family, he wonderful place we live and of course the local produce we can grow (and eat).

I recently put together a workshop for “Healthy Darwin” of City of Darwin for Darwin residents and 20 participants came along to learn about what is in season around Christmas time, how you can grow it in urban spaces, or where to buy it AND how to make it into fantastic seasonal sides for Christmas (or just sweaty season) celebrations-

So here goes- (a short list, more pictures added later)

A yummy pimento pineapple salsa 

Pineapple salsa one

Click to access pineapple-salsa-sm.pdf

Great to accompany that fish you caught, any meat dish or on roasted local roots. Pineapples are ready around Christmas- so perfect! You can plant the top to grow more! Use local thai coriander and local peppers.

A raw pumpkin salad with snake beans and an Asian twist

Pumpkin salad grated

Jicama and watermelon salad

Jicama and watermelon salad

(watermelons are just hanging on around Christmas time)

This is a great crunchy and refreshing salad using the versatile jicama root and great local herbs.

A snake bean and butter bean salad with ginger, chilli, lemon and salt. 

Snake beans grow all year and make amazing dishes, including this one with local ginger and lemon (you can also use lime if you like)

Grilled Eggplant with a miso dressing

Another fabulous all year easily grown veggie with a great dressing and some sweet leaf thrown in.

An Amaranth salad with Coconut and Chilli sambal

Amaranth  and coco salad

JAckfruit nuts roasted with lime peel and sumac (or chilli powder)

Jackfruit nuts

Just following the above instructions and add any fab flavourings as you roast. If you have got these from your own jackfruit you make a great fruit salad or juice from the fruit too.

Mango and cucumber salad (with mint and chilli of course)

mango smaller.jpg

You have to add mangoes to as much as possible as this is their time to shine and mango madness rules.

And some drink ideas

Rambutan and Thai basic tonic with a hint of ginger

Rambu thai


Rambu top 2

Lemongrass, ginger, honey and mint iced tea

Chilled grapefruit, lime and cucumber water.

Starfruit spritzer with mint.

Mango and lime smoothies

Hibiscus, lime and honey tea.

Chilled rosella refresher

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