Seafood Laksa (kind of)

We have had our longest time ever away from beautiful Darwin (in New Zealand to visit friends) It has been so inspiring, but it is also so good to be home, to visit the markets, cuddle our dogs, play in the very feral garden and listen to the sound of the tropical rain and the frogs in the pipes! A lovely couple who are working and travelling, looked after our house while we were away. Ash is a great cook and keen food writer, so I am going to share some of her recipes and experiences using local ingredients and great photos on here, taken in our house. They really are awesome!

for my senses.



This is another favourite from the weekend markets here in Darwin, each stall has their own recipe; all equally delicious. I wouldn’t ever claim this to be anywhere near an authentic replica, I used a lot of what I had on hand, and also tried to use a little less oil compared to the traditional recipes. I love this dish for that reason though, so long as you have a few of the key elements, you will no doubt be able to produce a delicious meal.

Another awesome part about this dish is that half of the elements don’t even get added until the very end, so, by putting all of these ingredients out on the table, you not only make for a colourful and exciting table full of food, you also allow people to top their soups in whichever way they choose. This is a great way of catering…

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  1. Lia Gill says:

    Hi Darl, Glad you had a great holiday. Laksa looks YUN !! Can almost smell it. Will defiantly give it a try. Thanks for sharing your great recipes and your expertise. xx

  2. emlupin says:

    Thanks Lia! This recipe is from Ash, who looked after our place! xx See you soon

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