Bush Tucker (Super) smoothies

I recently wrote about the abundant Terminalia ferdinandianawhich is a wonderful commonly occurring tree in our Savanna woodland, that is fruiting right now. It is well known to contain really high amounts of vitamin C.

plums in hand 2 The Conservation Land Management Students, studying with Yvette at Greening Australia had been collecting the seed to save and propagate in the following year. Above one of her students, Aaron, from Belleyeune community, is showing the great fruit. (Thanks again for your hand modelling!).

Yvette had told me that Leonnie Norrington had suggested putting them in smoothies and they were really great. Well I set off collecting, to a very well laden tree, not too far from the airport stadiums, guided by my friend Cassi. I have eaten heaps of them, but never attempted to make anything with them, although great jams and sauces can be made.

Plums branch 2It is best to collect fallen fruit, so that you can be sure it is ready or shake the tree. The fruit should be just soft. I am not surprised it is made into powder form, as they don’t last very long at all out of the fridge.

Cassi plumsWe make a smoothie most days, not being very good in the morning, we make it the night before and then put it in a jar in the fridge for a great breakfast take away! Usually we put frozen or fresh bananas and pawpaws from the garden, mango, frozen if not in season, lime and some yoghurt, cinnamon, cardamon and occasionally some greens or psylum husk powder. It is such a wholesome drink, and even more healthy with added green plums. The fruit needs to be soft, and then you just de seed it and put in the whole fruit with skin into the blender. Because they are pretty sour I used it as my my lime replacement and it was pretty good.

Kakadu plum smoothie


The fruit will keep coming for a month or so, and I will try and keep collecting and hope next year the tree on my nature strip starts to fruit!

Kakadu plum leaf


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