Dancing in the rain

I love the rain, I love that this time of year we have so much rain, I love that it brings abundant life and after so much resent rain it highlights the vastness and incredible landscape here in the top end. I have given up pouring out the full rain gauge and reading it. I have enjoyed working in the heavy rain all day, it refreshing my body and mind, I have loved watching it come down across the bush, fall and be blown into the sea and reach into my dreams as the sound of it hits the roof and bananas and greenness outside and I have especially loved dancing in it.

dacin in the rain2The plants are growing, the landscape is so green and alive and of course at the same time the mould is growing too. The mould underlines the impermanence of everything, of life itself, ever-changing, complex relationships cycling into new creations; it questions our values of processions that fade so quickly and our own ephemeral existence….So make the most of this amazing life and live everyday to its fullest, don’t get too precious about the little things and if you get the chance always try and dance in the rain!

daps webOn a more practical note, incase you thought I am off on a poetic path, I will be writing about reducing mould and saving all this delicious rain water for later, as well as some top tips for awesome garden greens that thrive in this wonderful wet very soon.


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