Great Green Mango Salad

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden (SAKG) team were up in Darwin, doing kitchen training with teachers or specialists, as 5 new schools have jumped on board the program in Darwin. I ran the program at Alawa Primary School for 3 years and was really happy to be asked to lunch and see what delights were being made and catch up with the crew. The menu was beautiful, made in Driver Primary school’s amazing kitchen and so great to see more primary schools jumping onboard this life changing program. I will write more about it later, but would love to just add in this great salad which was made in the session by Mel. It is very like a green pawpaw salad but uses Mango, and as they are in season is just perfect.

Mango raw saladIt involves some skilful chopping of the green mango, lime juice, rice wine vinegar, fish sauce, palm sugar, chilli, thai basil and that is about it. I will ask Mel for the exact proportions, but it is worth a go playing with the sweet, sour, salty and hot balance of all wonderful Asian cooking. More info on the SAKG program too!

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