Spicy and Fresh Green curry to cool you

Well it is hotting up and what better way to cool down than fresh curries and spicy soups! It seems crazy, when you just feel like putting your head in the freezer, but spicy food originates from the hottest places in the world, like India, Thailand and Indonesia and it cools you down; this is because chili and other spices cause you to sweat, therefore cooling your body down! Chillies contain vitamins A, C and E, clear the sinuses, help digestion and can help relieve muscle pain- watch out though, too many can cause irritation of tongue and bowels! The base of most curries, especially Thai curries are pastes- all the flavour ingredients in a concentrated form, that is usually fried (to release flavour) and then added to with vegetables, meats and coconut milk. The trick in Thai cooking is to balance the sweet (sugar or honey), salty (fish sauce, shrimp paste or sea salt), hot (chili and other spices) and sour (citrus juices). Fresh herbs and lemongrass and ginger or galangal add a further flavour dimension of fragrance and have great health attributes. The amazing thing about Thai curries is that we can grow almost all of the ingredients easily in the Darwin region and all year too. The following recipe is really easy and had chilies, lemongrass, Thai basil, coriander, ginger or galangal and limes which can be grown all year here.

Green curry paste Click here for the home made garden curry paste recipe. This paste can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, or frozen. You can use it for any recipe asking for Green Curry Paste. For 4 people fry up 3- 4 tablespoons and in meat and veggies (local zucchinis, loofas, snake beans, pumpkin, eggplant etc) add coconut milk (2 tins) or fresh- 500ml, add more fish sauce and lime juice to zing it up, along with more fresh Asian herbs- simmer for 20- 30 mins! Delicious and so good for you and your sweat! For the full recipe (beyond the curry paste) click this- Green Thai Curry

 Thia green curry

These little pea eggplants are an awesome addition to this curry and grow really easily! Enjoy and stay Fresh.

pea eggplant

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