Food Rules!

eat food mainly plants

It is all very well writing about growing local food and wasting less and posting some delicious recipes and growing tips, but sometimes it is great to step back and be reminded of why we are doing it and why it makes so much difference and is really important to make great food choices (and have fun doing it). I was just reminded of a great Food writer, whose books I have a-many, Michael Pollan. Along with David Susuki, he is one of my heroes in the world of food and sustainability (what other world is there?- well maybe arts!) Michael Pollan is an American writer and tries to make the world of food fads and food science less complicated. He has written many books including my favourite ‘Food Rules’ which simplifies some rules on good food, most of which I totally agree with and they form my food philosophy of healthy real food with least environmental impact.  The book is broken into 3 main categories-

1)Eat Food 2) Mostly Plants 3) Not too much, and includes rules such as  ‘Avoid foods containing more than 5 ingredients’, ‘It’s not food if it arrived through the window of your car’, ‘Get out of the supermarket whenever you can’, ‘Pay more and Eat less’ and ‘Have a glass of wine with dinner’

michael pollan food rulesA fun animated film has been made about the weird concepts of our food industry and why we should change, check it out-   Michael Pollan food Rules short film2-foodrules1film

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