What the Fruit?- Sour Gooseberries!

 I came across these little fruits at Rapid Creek Market last week, and if there is anything I have never seen before (which is now less and less likely) I always get it and give it a try. This fruit is really sour and although I had ideas of making a pickle or jam, time ran away and most of them were still in the fruit bowl this Sunday- It is Sour Gooseberry, Phyllanthus acidius.

Sour gooseberry

I went back to the stall and Moy who grows this tree at her place in Humpty Doo had made some sweet and Indian style pickles to sell to show what you could do- I tried both and bought the Indian one and it is pretty good- the only down side is that each little fruit has a stone in, which slightly alters the eating experience of it. I did a bit more research and found its origin is unknown, but may have come from South America, but it is now found commonly in South, Central and North America and Asia. It is a medium tree to 9m, and as most trees likes full sun and plenty of water and not to dry out.

sour gooseberry pickleIn India it is used in Ayeverdic medicine and as a liver cleanser, blood purifier and to prolong life in all kinds of ways and improve brain function- Wow I should have bought 5 trays and start growing a forest of it! It has a high content of vitamin C and can be made into syrup to take as medicine! I imagine it is easily grown from seed. OK that’s it- curious fruit of the week mystery solved!

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