What’s Growing in the garden of number 99 (now)

Well considering it is peak season right now for growing and I was hoping our garden would show case what you could do on a small block, the garden could be doing better. The important things that maybe out of whack are the right amount of water and good soil composition with heaps of nutrients. We keep re -mulching our slightly raised beds with manure mulch from the dump at Shoal Bay, Seasol (seaweed liquid fertiliser) and our own chicken poo and then adding hay from Shulker’s farm to reduce water evaporation.


The tomatoes are shot, even though we put them in as fairly large plants, but hey we have HEAPS of chillies, doing really well. After weeding out sweet potato vine we found this amazing pineapple on its way.. and after having them planted from tops, this is the first one to get big after 3 years, it’s so colourful.

pineapple close The cucumbers are doing really well up their arched trelice and we’ve had about 5 pretty biggies so far. We also have a lot of snake and wing beans, eggplants, spinaches and some great rocket, nothing else too amazing, a few zinnia flowers, dry season herbs and of course our wonderful verge garden..


And as always heaps of bananas from our washing machine and shower banana circles, as modelled hear by amazing number 99 residents Jon and Hannah, who are cutting them down (excuse the undies!). After cutting them you need to cut the whole stem down so the energy goes to the other plants and it can be used as mulch. We then hang them on the steps to ripen and try and get them before the birds. Great in smoothies and all kinds of goodies and I reckon in the 3 and half years we have been planting the garden from no bananas we have grown over 100 bunches!

banana harvest

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