Cool Beets for a hot place!

I am so happy to get into these beets! Trying to eat just locally grown food I do not often eat beetroots as they are pretty hard to grow in the hot climate, but luckily thanks to Ronnie,  a grower in Howard Springs who uses no sprays and manure fertilisers I got hold of these (with Radishes and more!). Of course we are only blessed with these goodies during the cooler dry season.

beet hand2Ronnie grows spray free Asian greens, salad greens, radishes and cucumbers.

table beetsAnd so many things to do with all these delicious leaves and roots. Beets can be made into soup with ginger, juice, risotto and so much more. I roasted these wee sweet beets with olive oil, salt pepper and balsamic vinegar and put them into a salad with amazing greens from Aweganic gardens, local herbs including dill and mint, walnuts and quinoa (pre cooked in stock and olive oil stirred through). You can use any grains or nuts and add goat cheese for a delicous combination. Beets are a great source of manganese and folate.

beetroot slad

I also made a pretty yummy beetroot dahl as an experiment and that went down really well, just like making a normal dhal but adding small beetroot pieces and local tomatoes. I used mung beans and yellow split peas but any will do!

Enjoy while you can, they add so much colour to dinner (PS Ronnie sells through Greenies Real food in Rapid Creek, or if you are beeting it you may have grown your own!)


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