Open Garden- Edible Eden

My friends Kate and Michael have opened their garden this weekend as part of the Darwin “Open Garden Scheme” at their family home. Their house is in my suburb of Alawa and show cases so well what you can do on a (large) suburban block. The house is an old school ground floor government brick house common in the suburbs and show cases the wonders of mulch and veggie growing.

herb potsI was helping out today and so many people were inspired by their wonderful garden. Their is a $7 entrance fee and some of this will go to the GULP project and is so worth seeing.

The garden is open again tomorrow 10- 4.30 and is really worth a look if you want inspiration for a productive garden. It is also right near the Lakeside Drive Community Garden- so you could also check that out too and there is a garden gathering there tomorrow.

signThe garden “Edibleden” at Kate and Michael’s has wonderful ideas for using all your sunny space and creating a wonderful space to live in.

whole gardenThere are some awesome chickens, a great chicken watering system and amazing mulberries from vigorous pruning.mulberry pruning



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