Aahhh Squash it

Squash it real good- Squash (Curcubita pipo) is growing near you and you can grow it too. For all of the dry season this fantastic fruit can be grown. It grows from a  plant similar to zucchini in the cucumber family in full sun and likes fairly nutrient rich growing material. There are a few varieties and the ones seen below are 2 kinds of local button squash. squash itThese fruits (yep technically they are fruit, just like a tomato) are a delicious veggie and are better cooked when smaller and more tender; they are rich in Vitamin A and D. I love them steamed or roasted and then made into salads, with local greens, lentils and even other veggies. They are amazing wacked into a camp oven with loads of garlic, onion and herbs. Fresh herbs and a good amount of olive oil, local lemon or lime juice and a splash of salt finish the dressing to make a beautiful simple meal in the bush or at home.Squah salad 5Above the salad is enjoyed with puy lentils, locally grown salad mix from Dan’s garden and edible local flowers (zinnias) And then below- the perfect veggie to take camping and pop in the camp fire with local zucchinis  and if not going too far from the growing zones, with fresh salad mix and herbs. mmmm

camp fire squah

Enjoyed by all, around the fire (Sophia tucking in below) at Koolpin Gorge

Sophia squah

Enjoyed in the sun, and then later the perfect filling for in a wrap..squah camp sunSquah wrap hat

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