Dry Delights

I just wanted to share some of the amazing produce growing right now up here in the Top End, some of it in our garden and some of it at nearby market gardens and farms and selling through the market…..and why some of this is so exciting, because it only grows now and we are lucky enough to have it in season in this, not so dry Dry season.

july basketThe most exciting for me are delicious tomatoes, that actually taste like tomatoes and are not trucked in from far away- these are Roma Tomatoes, grown by Jenko’s in Noonama- spray free and sold through Greenies Real Food. The other goodies from Rapid Creek market and our garden are cucumbers, zucchinis, snake gourd (OK you can grow that all year), mint, dill, delicious salad greens from Dan’s Aweganic garden, eggplant (another all rounder) and some edible marigolds!

And here are some chillies, sadly the most abundant thing in our garden, not sadly, but I wish the zucchini would fruit and something would not keep taking the cucumbers…lucky some others are growing some great produce nearby..

chillis bowl

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