The final day of Local Food Week

What a week, what a challenge and totally pure 100 mile trial of nothing further, and lots nearer except for a cheeky glass of wine and a splash of Aussie olive oil. It was great, eye opening and awesome and shared in purity with some wonderful ladies, oh and Rod and less purity with some great others and their sneaky cherry ripes!. I can’t even remember the day food, but we ended the day, a lovely Sunday involving some  community garden action at Kate’s House in a celebratory feast. We shared best and worst moments of the week and there were some great reflections. Lots of work to be had to make 100% local food less work or “inconvenience food” as Rod coined the phrase! Tinned tomatoes are definitely now seen as a convenience item and lots of inspiration for future local food recipes gained. In retrospect a balance with as much local as possible is the go- but not so pure life is on hold in these remote parts.

So we all cooked our favourite dish of the week. All were amazing, more taro cakes in banana leaves, salads and cassava flat breads and baba ganoush- woweee! I made more fish parcels with more fresh coconut and will now break from fish for a few months to spread the quota! Also the pineapple salsa came out and Kate’s pie was amazing- a cassava and coconut crust, home made pumpkin, coconut cream and honey pudding- incredible. I will soon share the recipe, but for now here is a picture of  the piece I enjoyed the next day in full light!

kare's cake

We are now dreaming up the next challenge- maybe September  when more is in season, maybe only swapped from gardens or community gardens, no markets involved!

final superSo after the feast and midnight did I rush out and eat a box of strawberries or a chocolate bar? Nahh, but I did make a great pasta dish the next night with some not so local pasta and tomatoes and some garden basil and eggplant and some local fish thrown in and it was delicious!. Not sure if I could live without pasta and I do make my own wth our eggs sometimes, but flour- that may be the next challenge. Hopefully I will inspired to continue to grow more local veggies and learn even more.

eggplant pasta

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  1. Emma! Great work by all of you people, I am inspired! looks scrumptious too.

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