Saturday- Cycle for your supper! (the chicken crossed the road)Day 6

Well the day started with a meeting, and then another meeting (all food and community garden related) and tempted by great fair trade coffee and cakes at the amazing Mulch Pit and Frilies I resisted untiI I got home to make this salad, it turned out be very delicious and made up on the spot- Cucumbers, pineapple, lime juice, star fruit (slightly ripe) coconut shred of course, and a little chili and I reckon that is probably about it- oh I chopped and chucked in a little pawpaw from the garden!

pineapple slad

After that, and lots saved for later and some herbal tea, I was supposed to be studying, but the lure of what else was going on in the local food challenge world incised me! I dropped off some extra cassava to Kate, who seems to be making extraordinary creations with it and cycled over to Rapid Creek, only armed with lemons- from Alawa School tree!

cycle supperSo here I joined the “cycle  for you supper” ride! Ken, Dan, Sarah, Mim and other house mates had started the journey- all on bike around Rapid Creek to collect dinner- it started with the collection of a rooster from Jack’s house on the shore (300m?) then to  Pete the Tree climbers for pumpkins- he has a great garden and right now it is a bottomless pit of incredible pumpkins…


So there is the hunter gather team for this mission! Next to a coconut palm for our essential ingredient! Don’t want to spoil Dan’s moment- but this is a dwarf coconut- on some one’s nature strip!


Next to The Mulch pit, for some great gatherings-

crazy cassava

Crazy cassava


sarah pawpawgreen pawpaw,

sugar caneSugar Cane and then to Cummin Street, to Dan’s Oasis of food, for herbs and chillies and greens. And… with its head! No action shots, but lets just say it was quite quick! A beautiful bird, but this is real food- and this really how meat is made! Not that I eat it often, but like this is better than the unknown journey!

headless chook

And what best to do with all this (after some plucking of bird, and scraping of coconut of course)

pluckinCook it all up in a camp fire below the balcony! Sweet Darwin big yards rock! And for the sauce Dan and Mim invented something amazing in the food processor- red dahkah banana, coconut milk and pulp and herb sauce- into the camp ovens

camp fire pots

And onto the fire (one veggie and one not) and what better way to wait for food on the fire- Doh (oops I did it again, amongst all this purity- one long distance beer. It was the smell of smoke- I just couldn’t help myself!

fire, chook, danWell no finished pictures- it was dark and tooo good, I am probably biased by camp oven cooking- but wow, it was delish, and the chook (the morsel I had off the wee thing) was tender. Bloody good on ya Cycle Supper team! Team work in the kitchen seen below!

dan kitchen

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