Fruity Fishy Friday (day 5 food challenge)

So Friday was pretty action packed (not cooking and photographing food action). I went out plant collecting on a native re-veg project I am working on in the morning and then had a radio interview about our 100 mile trial in the afternoon. I had not really prepared any food. I had a smoothie for brekkie and headed out bush early. I took boiled eggs and bananas- the snack staple of the remote tropics! No bush tucker that I could see out bush- but we were looking at sedges on the sand sheets! No photos of food either. Luckily I had collected and boiled snack eggs from our beautiful chooks who are very happy- she just moved in this picture!

eggsI popped home for a shower and ate left over fish and more bananas, ripening just in time now from our bunch! Into town for the interview, then a friend collected me to go to an art opening. There were more art openings (of friends) but I was so hungry I had to come home to get food (bananas?) no where in Darwin serves prepared local food, at the Sunday market you may get something with some local ingreients in, but it wasn’t Sunday and anyway we are going 100%. So I popped home for food, no one home, Jon was across the road having dinner with our friends. They were just serving up and it looked so good. It was local seafood and fish barbecued  with some delicious looking non local veg. I joined in and had some fish. This is a bit of fish over ride as usually I will only eat fish once a month max for ethical reasons, but I was hungry, it was ready and super yummy and beat going to our place to boil up taro!

Next though I faltered, a beautiful bottle of South Australian red, that had been bought up on the plane with a mate of our friends and had been a special a gift from their Dad- OK cut the long story- I had a glass. Shit! Well it was Friday night and everything else (except a splash of oil) has been 100 miles or less way. It was good—- and apart from home Brew (which involves far away sugar and other goodies) nothing alcoholic is made in Darwin….and another small glass, it was a magnum!

So here is not a picture of the glass of wine (it went down quickly- Thanks Busta) but the Howard sand sheets,  visited today

sand sheets

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