Day 4 Food Challenge- Lunch

So, Thursday, working from home again made it easier. I do eat fruit and muesli and toast, but not everyday, I often struggle to find something I fancy for brekkie anyway, so with out those bits and pieces I was not more complacent than usual. I made a tasty juice for Jon (who is painting) and I from the pink  local Grapefruits that I usually buy every week and the lemonade/ orange local citrus that I scored from the market- it was delicious and refreshing with rainwater ice. they were so juicy, for two really big cups I probably used 8 fruit..

Pink Juice I had a banana and pineapple fruit salad (sounds more flash than it was) and then lunch. This involved left over taro and plantain parcels, and some eggplant I picked in the garden.

eggplant pick 2

I grilled them up with the usual suspects of chili, lime and my naughty non local oil and some garlic chives and saw tooth coriander and added Gota Kola which is supposed to be amazing medicinally. It has a bitter flavour- but I really like it with other herbs.

eggplant dish

The salad was an impromptu thing, but it looked and tasted fresh and crisp. Sweet leaf from our yard, rose apples from Dan’s neighbour, cucumber from local growers, coconut shred from our shredding of back yard coconuts, Zinnias from the community garden (to add colour) the last of the parrot beak flowers from the market and a bit of paw paw from the gardenand a stragley bit of local mint…just limejuice and chilli with a touch of local honey as the dressing- pretty good. I love fruit salad, sweet and savoury crunch mixes.

rose apple saladThe taro parcel were great the next day, cracked pepper would have been awesome, but the banana leaf flavour had been absorbed and they weren’t bad.

Taro parcel

So all up a pretty good combo for lunch. But it is tiring stuff, prep, prep. Seriously distracted by food (easy to do)! We make mainly local based food anyway, but without the grains and flours (and bread) the prep of more than usual raw veggies (and many wet season veg need cooking) it is a bit more of a commitment – good fun though…

Thurs lunch

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