Day 4 Fishy dinner banana parcels

So dinner came around pretty quick and my neighbour did not manage to catch us any fish for namas (booo), so I got the local frozen barra out and defrosted and had in my mind similar flavours to how I would make namas (raw fish cooked in lime, in coconut milk)..

I cut off banana leaves and decided on one of my favourites- thai style parcels steamed fish..using the coconut milk Jon made yesterday. So you cut the fish into fillets and place in the banana leaf and then garnish with chopped chilli, lime juice, lime zest, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, saw tooth coriander and then pour over coconut milk. All the ingredients (except the fish) we have in the garden and the flavours are beautiful!!!Fish parcel ingredientsYou can soften the banana leaf (so they don’t split along viens) over a fire, in the oven or in the sun. We just had the oven, that seemed to work, but one I left in way to long and the process was sweaty, on a steamy “build down” afternoon.

fish parcel

fish parcel too

fish parcel cookedThe parcels brown off when cooked, but inside is a delicious combo of colourful treats,  I took this picture the next day when cold, as it was a bit dark. We made heaps of these. I over estimated the fish portions I think. We had it with salad from lunch and a cucumber yummy Asian salad, I would usually do it with noodles or rice- but this week they are off the menu- from too far away! …

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