Day 3 of the Food Challenge

Well, there was more of what there was for dinner for lets call it “brunch” again. the meals don’t really fit into a conventional style of what most people think they should be, or when they are eaten. SO I was craving a tea or even a coffee or herbe matte, basically something with caffeine. Amazing what you miss, instead of focusing on the things you do have- too used to having them all, the spoilt product of the Western world!.

So instead of craving a tea, I had rain water and a slice of lemon, herbal tea made with a concoction of found things from the garden- turmeric  lemon grass, hibiscus flower, 5 spice (coleus), thai and lemon basil and parrot beak flowers from the market and lemon. I simultaneously had a garden pawpaw and banana smoothie, and a passionfruit and some tangerines!

tea stuffI spent a while arranging my “brunch” and couldn’t even finish my bowl full, I made so much last night, great more for later!

cassava curry and drinksThe next day this actually tasted much better and the flavours had merged.

After work I was fancying more bananas later in the afternoon, but no more off our ready small bunch are quite ripe, even though I was trying- tomorrow they will be!

me and nanans

Jon prepared some more coconut for dinner possibilities

jon husks and our neighbours brought coconuts to watch the husking, but sadly they were rotten

jon coco huskMuni and Rod and Dan came round for dinner, with baskets of produce from Dan’s garden. In addition to the leftover dish, we made a Kang Kong stir fry with chili and lemon and arrow root from Dan’s place, we had a local leaves, flowers and mustard spinach salad with cucumber (arranged beautifully) and I tried to make mashed plantain and taro (from Dan’s) frittas withe egg binding, garlic chives, rocket, basil, chilli, lime juice and paste. These did not stick together so well, so Jon had the great idea of putting them in banana leaves in muffin tins and having them for lunch as there was heaps for dinner!

day 3 ingredientsAbove are the crazy array of ingredients all over the bench, taro into the “cakes” and arrow root for the stir fry. Galangal and chili for flavour!

day 3 feastDelicious spread above with herbal tea and crazy cakes to follow for lunch, I hope everyone was full enough…

taro bakes

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