Food Care Share- Coconuts the key to survival

So in view of our up and coming local food challenge week, (only eat food produced within 100 miles for the week- no exceptions!) a food care share was planned on Easter Sunday, just before our week of as much local food as possible.

Muni and I started the day at the Rapid Creek markets  in Darwin, the only place to get your local food bulk from market growers. Such a shame it requires an early Sunday! We needed bulk veggies like tarot and gourds and things to fill us!

muni at market I also had got cassava given by Dan and many herbs and extras from the garden and the coconuts, all husked by Jon after collecting from our yard and Belinda’s yard (thanks Belinda!)..


After this we went to Muni’s place to look at our wares and decide what to do with it all,muni and IWe laid it all, proud of our produce..

calender shot!The oil was our biggest factor and milk- coconuts are the answer- any islander’s staple. So Jon had husked them and I started cracking them (with the back of the machete) then scraping them, after catching the coconut water in a jug.

crackYou then squeeze the scraping once you have a bowl full and add the coconut water and make milk. From the milk you make oil, by boiling and separating.

ems coco

So we made a quick cucumber, coconut chili dish and kept scraping, then other food care people came along (about 20 with the kids) to join the fun and scraping. We sat and talked about tactics for the local food challenge and how far everyone easy taking it. Muni and Rod had even made sea salt from evaporating salt water. they tried in a solar oven, but it was to slow, so resorted to boiling. Dried Indian style spices are the biggest thing that are not from near by not to use, as well as soy sauce, of course not everyone that came along took the crazy challenge. Everyone had a go at scraping and it all ended in a wonderful food share…

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It is so good when everyone comes together to share ideas about local food, just beautiful!

Roasted pawpaw salad, amazing marinated local fish by Matumba and honey and real coconut shred from him too, made with love, cucumber and banana salad with sweet leaf, pesto from the garden, roasted bread fruit, ohh the list goes on…..

photo  leafTruly inspired for the challenge ahead…

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  1. Lia Gill says:

    Great job guys. Im realy impressed with your week long commitment to eating local. I will definatly give it a go myself next time if not before. Lia

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