Day one food challenge

Well luckily today was a holiday, so time for food for thought, or thought for food. I started the day by laying out the goodies for the week to feed myself and Jon. There is quite a lot of food there, maybe not too many fillers. Along the way we will swap produce with friends and also raid our garden and other gardens. I am lucky this week that it is uni break and most of my paid work is from home. Kate, also embarking on the challenge is at home some of the week, but has two kids to tend to and Muni is at work all day. They are probably way more organised than me- preparation is the key!

Herbs and spice

So above are herbs and greens for the week, turmeric  garlic chives and chilli as no dry spice come from locally. Paw paw seeds can also be used as a pepper like substance. A lot of these are from our garden and others, some from the market and tumeric from Greenies from a local grower. Below is the “staples for the week” to bulk out dishes instead of rice and grains, there is taro, cassava, breadfruit, pumpkin, and various types of crazy looking gourds, the cassava was dug up by Dan at the Mulch Pit, the rest mainly came from Rapid Creek Market…I also have some local fish in the freezer, but wouldn’t mind some fresh to make nambas, or lime cured fish with cucumber…

staple basket fruit

The fruit bowl above, a combo of local growers selling at Greenie’s or the Rapid Creek market and citrus from friends’ gardens and bananas (and heaps more to come) from ours. Below is all the produce, minus coconut items (in fridge)

all produce

So “Brunch” Usually I would have toast with avocado and cheese or fruit and muesli and yoghurt for brekkie. Well the tropical fruit is still totally on the menu and I attempted to make a coconut and banana pancake, inspired by kate. I used home made coconut milk, mashed bananas and coconut “fluff” – the centre kernel and eggs (in picture below), it didn’t stick so well so I had to use more egg so it would stick and added a dash of our Night Cliff sea salt…

close up coconut milkThe result was OK, flour is a great invention! We could make coconut flour with a mill and expertise, but for this week this will have to do, with diced pawpaw and passionfruit, lime and herbs it wasn’t too bad..

cocnut pancake fluff There is more to come! Check out Kate’s blog too, amazing stuff going on there!

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