Jack Fruit

More Jackfruits have been coming off our tree and now it needs a prune. I popped Jackfruit in the NT News “what the fruit” this week, so here it is again .We usually deal with ours and take out the seeds on the verandah or in the garden, as it can be a messy business! This one was bigger than Meegan’s head (and she has a big head!), bigger than Danny’s. Sadly no more just now, but there is always the market- and someone else has done the work on the nuts!

meegan head

 i love the nuts…roasted and salted and the fruit is awesome, just like they are or of course in smoothies, mixed with other delights or as icy-poles with coconut juice ..

Jack stool sml

Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) is the largest tree fruit in the world. It is from a beautiful tree with dark green leaves that originates in Asia, but grows really well in the top end Often its monstrous and amazing fruit are bigger than a large baby. When younger and smaller the inside of the fruit can be diced and used as curry with the texture of chicken. When large and ripe (the smell is pungent when ready to go if the birds have not got there first) cut the massive fruit in half and delve in, pulling sweet yummy fruit pieces, each surrounding a seed, the seeds can be extracted and boiled and roasted as delicious nuts a little like chestnuts. The surrounding sweet fruit is beautiful just like that. Oiling a knife is advisable for this operation!

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