Let’s Go To Lakeside!

I have posted here before about Lakeside Drive Community Garden before. It is an amazing garden on Lakeside Drive, near Alawa, Rapid Creek and Milner. The garden is open to everyone, it was started by a student group at CDU and is developing with growing community involvement.

bums upsmI am now doing some work for the garden doing community engagements, promotions and Grant writing. I am still figuring out the website and just getting started, so I thought I would do a wee blog on here. The garden now has a couple of wonderful hands on crew, on the ground and the  amazing crowd of usual volunteers and pioneers.

The  vision is for Lakeside Drive Community Garden to be a welcoming space, where all members of the community come together to share skills, veggies and smiles. Collectively we hope to create a thriving healthy centre for producing food, knowledge and inspiration based on permaculture ethics, principles and design

Bindi Basilsm

Inspired by the diverse population and remote tropical environment of Australia’s Northern Territory, the Lakeside Drive Community Garden enables students, staff, community members and organisations and local business to work together to create a demonstration site for tropical food production and sustainable living education in Darwin and regional areas.

fleury toosm

The Ethics

Earth Care –

creating a holistic, productive, sustainable community garden site and be responsible in our land stewardship for the future.

People Care –

creating a hub of sharing, learning and community enrichment


We are looking for community groups of all backgrounds who would like to take over a plot or anyone who wants to get more involved, please contact ldcgarden@gmail.com for more info and check out the website as it gets updated www.cdu.edu.au/ldcg/ or become friends on Facebook.


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