Funky fungi of the wet

side awesome fungi

It is really important for us to be aware of the amazing natural seasons and weather, especially as a grower of food. Here the power of nature is even more apparent, it governs our lives and penetrates our days. The lack of rain this wet season has left a sticky sweat of suspense, the great enclosure of all reasonable thought, the constant sweaty beads forming in the great stillness and then the  beautiful rain comes again and refreshes our dreams…..and out of these recent wonderful heavy rains, pop these phallic amazing fungi about 30 cm long, with orange webbing, from the mulch under a Frangipani tree at CDU- just incredible. Along with them and under many shaded damp trees, puff balls, curly fungus and little popping mushrooms on stalks were found and I am sure many more will be popping up.


Stinkhorn long sml

You can water a garden as much as you like, but it will never be as green and the soil alive as with the rains of the monsoon  and never as beautiful as the garden that is nature and not man made.

These orange netting beauties are in the stinkhorn family and do stink.

Red beauty smlyellow fungi sml

wee red ones

orange sml

many fun

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