Dan’s Awesome AWEGANICS

Dan Sheridan has a magic touch when it comes to growing food plants and everything he grows and his whole life is permeated by permaculture! He has started a project in the suburban block where he live called “Aweganics” in Rapid Creek. He is producing food plants and edible flowers, permaculture style and then selling them to small retailers and others- delivered by bike within 400m of his garden.


His garden has so much produce, including Zinnia flowers, Kangkong, Amaranth, Ceylon Spinach, Egyptian spinach, lemongrass, banana (circles), sweet potato. lemon basil, thai basil, jaboticaba, sublime, cumquat, arrow root, passionfruit banana, tree spinach, ceylon spinach, chiilies, moringa, moranta, coco yam, taro, lemongrass, sweetleaf, cats whiskers, brazillian spinach, papaya, pinto peanut, black sapote, white sapote, winged bean, snake bean, sesbania, stevia, saw tooth coriander, tumeric, galangal, ginger,cassava, lemna, water lillies, mother of herbs, oregano, pineapple, pigeon pea, crotolaria, mustard, rollinia, rungia, pineapple sage, mung bean…

Dan 2

Dan only started this garden 6 months ago and it is incredible. Bananas, pineapples and pawpaws and the more longer fruiting plants, like citrus have been put in and will be producing in abundance soon. It is only going to be more full of wonders in the future.

dan 3

dan butterflydan5 To contact Dan email him on breatharianrestaurant@hotmail.com or call 0432476003

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