Now if you have been to Rapid Creek or other local markets and local fruit and veg shops you may have seen that Rambutans are in season (and they are from November to Feb in the NT). These rubbery red monsters hang in bunches on large beautiful trees in rural Darwin and beyond.

Rambu blog

The fleshy spikey skin can be split with you nails or teeth and underneath is a smooth sweet and juicy white fruit. This has a small stone inside it and tastes a lot like a lychee and is high in vitamin C.  The fruit can be enjoyed fresh out of the shell or enjoyed in a variety of Asian sweet and sour style dishes.

Rambu blog 2

Their botanical name is Nephelium lappaceum and they originally come from Indonesia and Malaysia. If you fancy growing them in your yard, you need a big space for them- they can get to a height of up to 20m, but you can prune them to stay lower.

Also availabale at Greenie’s real food 

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