Mango madness and other delights while you sweat

So it is that fantastic time of year overwhelmed with mangoes and hot air- and wishing for more of that beautiful rain to visit your dreams. But as we wait and sweat we might as well make some delicious things with the crazy abundance of mango. It is good to make sure they are spray free, meaning no fungicides or pesticide are sprayed near and grown without chemical fertilisers is of course even better.  Each mango variety  is a little different. There are over 500 varieties of mango in the world. The most popular grown here are R2E2, KP ( Kensington Pride) or Bowen, Nam Doc, Thai sweet and Calypso! Boxes of the juicy things are on sale at the side of the road, it almost makes the sweatiness worth it.

Mango web


Mangoes can be used in salads, or just cut into cubes and cut off the skin..The one below is really simply cucumber (still hanging on there, available at the local markets and from Mim, through Greenies) mint, mango and fresh coconut from our back yard, with a touch of chill and lime and spring onion- all growing now. When putting them in a salad, I think ripe but firm is the best, a little tart if you like that too. They make great salsa if you cut them fine (red onion, mint cucumber or capsicum) and any other delights you think of. You can add local seafood or chicken if that’s your thing, even crocodile… Green mangoes are delicious with a chilli dip (popular in Central America) and mangoes in smoothies are the best, or lassies with a touch of yoghurt, mango and lime sorbet is amazing. There are so many mango deserts it’s not funny. And for smoothies and deserts you can always freeze them, because by the New Year there is a 10 month wait!

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