Banana smallSave the date- Sunday 2ndDecember 4pm- 7pm. Alawa/ Moil                     You are invited to our next food share and the last of the year. The idea of food share is to share and learn about tropical local food, by having friendly workshops and sharing recipe ideas by sharing food with local ingredients. There is also a “feature ingredient” for each food share and those interested can enter the informal “cook off” to share and compare interesting ways of preparing a particular ingredient. The afternoon accumulates in eating food together. These backyard community events are open to anyone interested in local food, and those who would like to to know more about local food.                                      So at this next food care share we are celebrating the humble but amazing banana!                                                                                                   Please Bring- A plate of food to share using local ingredients preferably including a banana plant part (e.g. ripe fruit/ green fruit/ banana leaf ) and / or             A BANANA FLOWER taster dish for the “cook off”

Any gardening tips, interesting facts, poems, jokes etc about bananas or even banana suckers if you have them..                                             Program-


Banana leaf workshop for cooking and eating and Making nut milk for banana smoothies


Banana circle and Sharing banana gardening ideas

After 5pm

Discussion circle- any questions/ sharing of ideas about wet season produce. Bring a local ingredient you would like to know more about

6pm- Sharing of food dishes                                                                                     Please reply if you are going to attend, so the host (Emma/ Cassi) know many people to expect. When you reply I will send you the full address..

Really looking forward to seeing you there and the delicious food. Feel free to forward this to anyone interested and think about if you would like to be a host in the future and any informal workshop ideas!   Thanks   The food care share people

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