Waste of The Top End on display

The end of year Art Display at CDU was great… now onto the next “Waste of The Top End” art project to explore more waste that is unnecessary.. It certainly made me try and avoid monsters of the fridge late in the week.


These photographs explore the world of the food forgotten in fridges in Darwin. All subject matter is genuine finds in friends’ fridges and of the photographer and her house dwellers.

The once wonderful food items are arranged as delicious delights that maybe found in a food magazine with romantic light and wholesome composition. Although the decomposing food is in fact visually intriguing, this ironic stance highlights the Western world’s excessive attitude towards food and energy.  The wealth and complacency of the everyday person in our region, our friends, and ourselves is underpinned in the photograph and exposes the devaluation of food. This is especially true in such a place such as Darwin, so removed from many of its food sources, which increases the embodied energy in most food, from transportation and refrigeration

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