Jackfruit- The biggest fruit in the world!!!

So a couple of weeks ago, we were very very excited. The Jackfruit we planted in a “Grow your Own” workshop which we hosted, when we had first moved in 2 and half years ago, was ready. It was so huge and amazing. The scene very much reminded me of Jon and a huge Marrow photo from his child hoodImage

Very cute. The problem was we hadn’t waited long enough…. and when our jackfruit was eventually soft, it had gone straight to well off- oh dear! a major case of “Waste of The Tope End”. Luckily 2 huge more are coming along, so the tip of the week is (which I did know but we were just too keen) wait till the Jack fruit has a bit of bounce and really smells sweet and get it just before the bats!

The Jack fruit, Atrocarpus heterophyllus  is the biggest TREE fruit in the world, it was as big as Danny’s head..and weighing in at over 13kg…

and as big as our huge watermelon, from a local farm in Daly River… ahh shame the watermelons are over, well at least the jackfruits can continue..


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