Waste of The Top End

So as much as organic and local food is the way to go, one of the most important things for us not to do is waste our beautiful food! It is estimated that the average Australian family throws away 20% of the food that they have bought! (ozharvest 2012) That is a lot of food, and that is just the waste at the very end of the supply chain. And I haven’t tracked down any firm stats but I guarantee it must be more up here in the sweaty Top End. We can minimise waste by buying local or growing our own which cuts on transport waste and outlet waste but keeping an eye on what is in the fridge and knowing how to use your left overs is the key!

To draw attention to this I have started a photographic project called “Waste of The Top End” it is fur-tography at its finest. So if you find any monsters in your fridge contact me and I’ll be there with my camera!! Some of the final shots will be on exhibition at CDU 26th October.


Buy a few cucumbers with a delicious salad in mind, from the market- or better still grow them for 2 months, put the cucumbers in the veggie tray of the fridge

Leave the cucumbers in the veggie tray for a few days

Think about making the amazing cucumber salad, but go out somewhere instead/ make something else instead. Leave the cumbers in the veggie tray for a few more days

Forget about the cucumbers

Clean out the fridge and find the cucumbers at the bottom

Arrange on a plate and sprinkle with equally off sprouts, allow to stew in their juices. Enjoy with a glass of wine (white is recommended!, maybe a riesling)

Complement with a side dish of carrot, driven 3000kms, sold in a supermarket and then prepared with a similar technique to the cucumber dish, garnish with some slimy lettuce lingering in a refrigerated plastic bag…. ENJOY..

Below are well matured eggplants and snake beans… you can probably improvise the recipe by now, but don’t forget to add in the good intentions and then busyness for maximum results..

Check out lovefoodhatewaste….

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