Tasty Tomatoes

Enjoy enjoy, tomatoes are here, we have just a few in our garden, but I have seen them pumping in many other gardens, our lovely neighbours Meegan and Nung gave as a heap of them when they went away for a week. There are just so many huge zig zags  of them at Karama Primary school and Pete the Tree climber has a whole load going on. Ok so everyone knows about tomatoes, but in your own garden they are pretty special, and are only here for a few months before the humidity kicks in.

They taste 1000 times better than any trucked a long way (and picked green) They really need to be in raised beds, plenty of nutrients- some horse or cow manure or sea weed is great and this cooler weather does wonders…. Cherries and romas do especially well and renewed soil is needed each year.

Staking them or attaching to a vine is pretty necessary…and getting in quick before someone/ thing eats them

And the best way to eat them- as simple as possible

Fresh local rocket, a little parmesan, olive oil, salt and pepper, mmmm

More tomato picks and recipes coming soon…….

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