Sunday Market Fruit bowl

So, while your fruit trees are getting bigger, there are amazing fruits to be found in the local markets. I have a love- hate relationship with Rapid Creek market, our nearest produce market. Most of the stall holders are small market gardeners/ farmers, growing many crops- a much better alternative to large farm mono cropping. There is a great atmosphere and people from all different back grounds, the Rapid Creek shops has the poorly thought out architecture to make you think you are in a developing country, with some busyness and dagginess thrown in. It’s busy and my least favourite feature- it is on Sunday morning, when lying in bed, looking at the sun hitting the louvers wrapped up in the dooner for these relatively chilly mornings is the best place to be. I always drag myself there, as one of the only opportunities to pick up local food and once I’m there start loving it again, seeing what is in harvest this week and catching up with a few people, even indulging in a bit of greasy spicy food… Next week I will take a few pictures and post them, but for now, our fruit for the week, found at the market/ Greenies/ our yard, all from the Darwin region.


The bowl contains pink grapefruit (which our house mate Danny makes into an awesome juice), Sapodillos- chic pudding fruits, star fruit (my favourite), passion fruits and of course bananas.

I forgot I had also got Rose Apples- which are delicious fruits, a little like fragrant apples and a deep pink colour, so here is a photo with them included. Getting fruit from the market is a really inexpensive way buy great fruit for the week, and supporting local farmers and of course not promoting long distance food transportation with all that burning of fuel.

If you are not sure if something is in season or not, ask the stall holders if it is local, because not all produce is at Rapid Creek.

For location, some pics and info, check out

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