Darwin city Council- Healthy Darwin

So at the moment I am working with DCC, doing a few tropical cooking/ garden workshops for “Healthy Darwin”, a new part of council promoting healthy living. There are all kinds of free work out/ fun workshops.. For 6 weeks, in conjunction with Nutition NT, we are running a combo of basic workshops to start…

Sunday Market Fruit bowl

So, while your fruit trees are getting bigger, there are amazing fruits to be found in the local markets. I have a love- hate relationship with Rapid Creek market, our nearest produce market. Most of the stall holders are small market gardeners/ farmers, growing many crops- a much better alternative to large farm mono cropping….

Paw Paw goodness

Paw Paw is one of the easiest things to grow here- low maintenance, on growing and fruiting all year. Our cucumbers are coming along in the garden too- and there are loads of local cucumbers at the market, local suppliers like Greenies in Rapid Creek or in the rural area. Add in some mint from…

Snake Gourd

Ahh Snake¬†gourd, growing in the trees and everywhere- an amazing vine that grows all year- cut and stir fried ¬†or stuffed and so easy to grow. Ours escaped from the veggie patch and were hanging in the trees. Rescently I cleaned up our trellises and I accidentally cut them off. They go a bright orange…

Snake Bean Open Garden

The Snake bean garden is a community garden at The George Brown Botanic Garden in Darwin. There are plots there that are available for people in the area to grow produce. I went along to their open day on Sunday and delicious cakes, coffees and local ice creams were being served and interesting talks given….