Amazing Tastes

I will write more on here later, but its been a long and fabulous weekend at the Sustainable Living Festival, with our incredible community village, community cafe, including the amazing tasting plates and cooking and gardening demos.

I would like to say a huge Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou to the amazing people who helped out, made cakes or dishes for the tasting plates and did cooking or gardening demos. It was really fantastic it just shows what a great community we have.

The tasting plates were delicious and so kindly made from local cooks, using the most local ingredients found, often from their gardens; above, the fabulous Mitzy is holding up possibly the most wacky and wonderous of the day, delicous! -Bittermelon and noodle Asian salad. -Sweet leaf pesto and organic bread cooked on site in the solar oven. Pumpkin, local buffalo ricotta and sweet leaf frittata and a Dragonfruit, Jackfruit and Coconut jellied, double layered desert.

The tasting plates were released at certain times throughout the day and only 20 released at a time. Each time they were different. We had over 6 releases throughout the weekend and an estimated 30 different, wonderful dishes to show case what can be done with local tropical produce… They were sold by suggested donation and we sold out! We also sold out of the amazing home made cakes and yummies at the stall- and there were lots!

All proceeds from the cafe will go to various community and school gardens

The recipes will be posted here, and more photos and info, very soon

Today with my year 3 and 4 class at Alawa Primary School we planted out our new herb garden and then I took one of my last cooking lessons and sat under the trees to eat wonderful local salads and sushi with our own farm eggs and local cucumbers with our fab students. I wish I could post pics, but I need to get release first, so until later look at our website. Some of our furniture that  turned into The Learning Lounge at the festival is still under our house along with piles of boxes, and I have overdue uni work to give in and primary school harvest wheels to make, and a garden that needs lots of love and a very messy house… so until later… enjoy. Recipes and more soon!

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  1. Lois says:

    Congratulations on a fantastic set-up at the Garden Fest, and a truly delightful website. Do you sleep? Wish I’d had the appetite for a tasting plate when we were there, they looked amazing. I have to say though, I hope the posted recipes include the divine coconut, chocolate and chickpea cake ….

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