Now and then

 Feb 2012 and Feb 2010

Well a big rumbling beautiful storm has just passed over with a gorgeous down pour of rain and some very loud thunder. Just when we started reaching for the doona on those 22 degree C mornings, the dry isn’t quite with us. I was sorting through my garden photos in anticipation of making the A-Z produce guide or start the recipe section and found these great photos, above. They are taken from exactly the same place from our house, not that you can tell really.  A great example of why gardening in the tropics is great! This is the compass garden made from flashing found at Berrimah Second Hand Yard and this was our first project. We took out a surrounding coconut, and the tree trunk seen in the far corner fell over, with the rest of the tree into our neighbours roof in last years cyclone. The Cheesewood tree right by the house was also taken out after over freindliness with our roof during those strong winds. We have had the banana circle to the side give us at least 2 huge bunches so far..

Our “Other side” garden which we added last year, seen below, has become the pumpkin patch and the Jack fruit is getting pretty big… Well I am off to enjoy the sound of the rain on the leaves and maybe some of the last rumblings…

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  1. Barbee Kerl says:

    love the giant rain drops,, so lush x!

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