The rain has stopped, but not for our garden

Our New rainwater tank

This picture was taken last year after our 18, 000 litre water tank had just been placed on the concrete slab with the help of our beautiful friends. This was last year before the wet season. Now Jon has installed the gutters and after 366mm of rain the tank was full. Even more excitingly we are now using our new pump to water the gardens on the days it doesn’t rain and will water it for part of the dry season when all rain has stopped.


What is Taste of the Top End

This site has been started to promote the growing and cooking of amazing Top End Tropical food. Not only does this cut down on the 1000s of food miles over 90% of Fresh produce has travelled to get to Darwin, but it is fun, engaging, healthy and connects you with this climate and community!

I hope it connects community gardens, back yard gardeners and interested others to grow and eat local food. We can give updates of what is growing in our garden, other community gardens and share great recipes. It can show case beautiful things you can do with local food and let me play with my camera taking photos of it.

This is a practice post and soon I hope to learn about formatting and all the flash things that can happen on here